On October 30, 2012, Comcast launched its annual Beyond School Walls Program with McIntyre Elementary School in Southfield, Michigan! Since its inception in 2008, Comcast Corporation and Comcast Foundation have partnered, in support of Beyond School Walls, with local schools to establish strong, effective mentoring relationships among youth in their respective communities. To date, Beyond School Walls has a presence in over 10 cities nationally! Comcast Spotlight, located in Southfield, has paired over 20 Comcast "Bigs" with "Littles" from McIntyre Elementary, reinforcing and supporting our mission of helping children reach their potential through quality one-to-one mentoring relationships with proven results.

Littles in the program visit their Bigs at Comcast during lunch, every other week. Each match looks forward to reconvening and sharing events, Big and Little, that have occurred since last they met.

"The Beyond School Walls program provides a significant enhancement to our tradtional one-to-one mentoring approach." says Dara Munson, President/CEO of BBBSMD. "Littles learn a tremendous deal about the world of work in addition to the benefits they realize by having a mentor like better better academic performance, stronger peer and family relationships and reduced chances of risky behavior. Our partnership with Comcast Bigs, McIntyre Elementary, our Littles and their parents goes a long way in building stronger communities."

Participating students have shown an increase in their academic performance, feel more competent academically, are less likely to skip school and express a desire to attend and finish school. We are elated to continue our promising relationship with Comcast and their employees! Thank you for dedicating time and support for youth in our community!

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