The Comcast Beyond School Walls Program has continued to make lasting impressions on the Bigs and the Littles involved! Each meeting serves as a means to foster enduring match relationships in engaging and influential ways. In February, the Bigs and Littles enjoyed lunch at the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) followed by a tour lead by one of the Institute’s curators. Bigs and Littles shared moments of awe as they viewed priceless works of art and engaged in meaningful conversations with one another.

"The students had a great time celebrating African-American culture, while exploring the museum with their Big," shared Dyrel Johnson, BBBSMD Manager of Site-Based Programs. "Appreciating culture is a very important part of the students development and this was truly a great experience for each match to learn something new together and bond while enjoying all that the DIA has to offer."

Mentorship is not advantageous only to the Littles we serve. Being an effective mentor also leaves lasting impressions in the lives of the volunteers in our program. Comcast employee and Beyond School Walls Program Big Sister, Lanora W. Summersett, shares her perspective on being a mentor.

Lanora Summersett with her Little, Jael, during the Comcast Beyond School Walls 2013 Launch

“I have been a Big with the Beyond School Walls Program for  over two years now, and it has been quite a rewarding experience. It has been enjoyable meeting and interacting with my Littles as we share lunch and participate in the activities planned by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit organizers. I also get a wonderful feeling as I walk into the room to the bright eyes and open arms of my Littles. Each year, I have had girls who have opened up to me and taken me in as someone who they look forward to seeing. They have even wanted to see me over the summer. Hearing my Littles tell me they love me has touched me as well. It is amazing how you can meet someone and not only impact their lives in such a short time, but be impacted as well. Since we meet every other week for just over an hour, you may think that your time and effort is not making a difference, but that is far from the truth. Every time the students come to our location, you can see, feel, and hear the excitement in them. They are eager to eat lunch and enthusiastically engage in the activities. If you are able to become a Big and give a Little some happiness, do it… you’ll be glad you did.”



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